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Solar PV Inspection and Maintenance

Safeguarding your renewable energy investment by insuring optimum performance.

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Solar PV Inspection and Maintenance

Here at PureVolt Solar, we want to give our existing clients, and our new clients peace of mind when they choose to install solar PV. Therefore we offer reactive and preventative solar maintenance services for our clients.

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Protecting Your Investment

Just like any asset, it's good practice to get you solar PV system serviced every once in a while. Even though solar PV requires very little maintenance, issues can arise due to external interference, component failure, environmental factors and so on.

Over time component issues, damage caused by rodents, and faults can cause inverter failure and may result in lost generation and potentially cost your company 100s of euros.

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What do you get?

You will receive a comprehensive report on your generation and if the system is performing to estimations. You will get a report on all the listed items and their inspection status along with recommendations if there are any.

What a solar panel inspection by PureVolt Solar can provide:

Our annual solar panel system inspection and service aims to highlight any issues, prevent future problems and ensure that your equipment operates safely, efficiently and to optimum performance.

We can tailor an inspection program to your needs. Here are some of our capabilities:

  • Visually check solar panels (from the ground and via drones)
  • Check for hot spots via thermal imaging (hand-held and drone-mounted thermal imaging)
  • Check of AC & DC isolators, and for damage and ingress
  • Check of DC junction boxes, where present for damage and ingress
  • Check for integrity of fuses and surge protectors where present
  • Check that generation is in line with prediction
  • Check that inverter(s) remain mounted securely
  • Check that inverter(s) remain ventilated with unobstructed airflow, making sure fans are operating etc
  • Check that inverter(s) are free of signs of water or other ingress (especially those externally mounted)
  • Check the contents of inverter fault log(s)
  • Check AC voltage at inverter(s) and assess risk of overvoltage
  • Test DC circuits (inc. Vsc, lsc, Earth leakage)
  • Check that all labelling & signage remains present and correct (including system schematic)
  • Check that the emergency shutdown procedure remains visible
  • Check inverter settings
  • Solar module cleaning (where applicable)

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