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SEAI approved solar panel installers Benefits, Grants, and how to check who's officially registered

We are an SEAI Approved Solar Panel Company

Firstly, just to confirm that yes, PureVolt Solar is an SEAI approved PV Solar Panel company.

Sometimes you'll hear companies such as us being called SEAI-approved solar panel companies or, SEAI-registered solar panel companies - they mean the same thing.

What are the benefits of using an SEAI-approved installer?

The main benefit to you is grant eligibility - if you want to claim an SEAI grant towards your solar panels, the work must be done by an SEAI-approved solar panel installer.

There are other benefits too - as checks have been done on registered installers, special domestic solar PV training must have been done, we all follow their code of practice, and the SEAI carry out inspections to make sure such standards are maintained.

How do I check who is officially registered with the SEAI?

You can check their website to see the SEAI's list of approved solar PV companies .

There are currently 177 SEAI approved solar PV companies in Ireland (as of July 2022)! Even if some of them are inactive, that's a lot of choice! So we genuinely appreciate you considering PureVolt Solar, thank you!

Please note though this is only updated about once per month - if you have a quote from a newly registered company they may not yet appear on the official list.

Watch out for the other lists!

The SEAI's website isn't always the most clear - do watch out for other lists on there. For you to get the domestic solar PV grant, then the company must be registered as a solar PV company.

Solar thermal (panels that make hot water only) is a different list and has different companies on it, as is one-stop shops (who offer a range of services). A company must be on the list of SEAI registered Solar PV Companies for you to get the solar PV grant. The link above will take you to the right place.

What does an SEAI Approved Solar Panel Installer mean?

SEAI Approved Solar Panel installation companies are private companies / self-employed people - we do not work for the SEAI.

The SEAI have done some basic checks, and the companies have signed up to certain standards of work. The SEAI also carry out inspections of registered PV solar installers work too.

The details of being an "SEAI Approved Solar PV Company"

There are 4 main aspects to becoming an SEAI registered company:

Solar specific training

There's the special QQI domestic solar training requirement on top of the normal eletrician's qualifications and certifications.

Standard Company diligence

The SEAI do some basic company checks - our taxes are all up to date, appropriate insurance is in place etc.

Code of Practice

We, like all registered companies, have signed up to the SEAI's Code of Practice. There's huge detail in here in everything from information included in our quotes to the safety stickers we put on the equipment. You can download the SEAI's Domestic Solar PhotoVoltaic Code of Practice for Installers here .


The SEAI will inspect us from time to time, to make sure we are following through on everything we've promised to do in the code of practice.

Is this the same as "RECI"?

No. Any person / company doing any form of electrical work must be RECI certified (Register of Electrical Contractors Ireland). To be an SEAI registered PV solar panel installer it's like RECI plus the solar specific bit on top - there's extra we must do on top of general electricians.

Can I use a non-SEAI registered solar panel installer?

Yes. The only legal requirement is that the contractor you use is RECI certified, which is the same for any electrical work.

Do be aware that any work done by a non-registered installer will not be eligible for any grants, though.

Who are the SEAI?

The SEAI are the "Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland".

The SEAI are the government body whose aim is to reduce energy consumption and maximise the use of renewable energy here in Ireland.

They offer grants and support to individuals in a range of areas - solar, wind, insulation, electric cars, full deep retrofits and more.

Their remit covers all sectors those - individuals, businesses large and small, public sector, community projects and more.

If you are thinking about reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint, at work or at home, then checking out the SEAI's website is well worthwhile. They've a huge range of supports available.

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