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Solar Calculators for Ireland

How many units per year can you expect? How much space do you need? What's the effect of tilt / orientation of the panels? How many panels to charge an EV? Solar calculators that are simple enough to be usable, but with enough detail to produce useful numbers.

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Check the numbers Solar Calculators

Going solar can save you money and massively reduce your carbon footprint. But don't take our word for it. Use these solar calculators to check if the numbers will stack up for you.

Solar Generation Calculator

The big one. Pop in the number of panels you'd like, and it'll tell you everything from the space it would take on your roof to annual bill savings. Solar Generation Calculator

Solar Battery Calculator

How much might a battery save me based on my electricity rates? Will I have made my money back within the warranty period? Solar Battery Calculator

EV Charging from Solar Calculator

Pick your EV, and how many panels you are considering, and it'll tell you the kms of range you could get from solar, for every month of the year individually. EV Charging from Solar Calculator

Roof angle and orientation calculator

Ever wondered what effect the roof angle and orientation have? Here's a super-simple calculator to help. Roof angle and orientation calculator

Business / Commercial Solar calculator

Larger systems, and different Grant rules. If you are looking at solar for your business, school, farm, or other non-residential building, this one is for you. Business / commercial solar calculator

SEAI grant calculator

SEAI solar grants for residential, businesses (inc farms), commercial solar, schools, public sector bodies, community centres, and other buildings. SEAI grant calculator

Solar Power for your home

Let PureVolt help you with your own solar journey. Saving money and saving the planet, together.

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We give you the naked facts in plain English so you can make your own decisions. Ask us anything.

No sales team

You'll speak to solar engineers, not salespeople. We aim to give you the best information about solar, that's all.

Solar specialists

We don't dabble. Installing solar panels is what we do, and we're very good at it. But don't take our word for it, check out our reviews...

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We're not the cheapest of the cheap. Our prices reflect good value, top workmanship and great service. No compromises on quality.

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We want to see Ireland go green. Our goal is to play some small part in that. Ask us about our own eco credentials: we lead by example.

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From your initial enquiry to installation and beyond, we won't leave you waiting. Ask us how our installation teams work.

Every step, from start to finish

First Ballpark Quote

We can provide a first ballpark quote using little more than your Eircode and a few bits of information from you. We look up your house on google maps to give you an idea what might be possible for solar on your house. This includes costs, electricity production forecasts, grant values and payback period. It's free, and you can get the ball rolling with this quick and easy form.

Site Survey

If you are happy with the guide quote, then one of our engineers will visit your property. They will discuss everything with you in detail, and will inspect everything from your roof to electrics to any shading to make sure we can design the best system for you and your needs.

Design Proposal & Finalised Quote

Once we've visited your property, we will send you a full system design proposal along with a finalised quote. Your solar engineer will follow up to go through everything with you and answer any questions you may have. Again this is entirely free.

ESB Networks Application

The next step is to apply to ESB Networks to let them know that a PV Solar system is being installed. We'll take care of that for you. It usually takes around 20 days for the application to be approved by ESB Networks.

SEAI Grant Application (optional)

We are an SEAI approved PV installation company, so the installation costs are eligible for a grant for most households. Now is the time to apply for the grant. You'll need to have that application approved before any works can take place. Don't worry, the process is quite straight forward and we are here to help you through it all. You can also use our SEAI Solar PV Grant Application Guide to help you with your application. More info on this grant can be found on our SEAI Solar Grant Guide page.

Deposit & plan installation date

Before now, everything was free and there was no commitment. It's time now to set things in stone. The deposit (normally 40%) would be due and it's time to plan a good time for our team to come and install your new PV solar system. The solar installation process normally takes around 2 days.


The day has come. Our installation team will attend and install your solar PV equipment on the roof. Then our electricians will install the electrical equipment inside the house and connect it all together.

Commissioning & balance payment

"Commissioning" is the fancy term for turning your new solar system on! The sun needs to be up to do that so we can do all the required tests. If it's too close to sunset on installation day then we'll pop back to officially commission the system. Once it's officially running then the balance would be due.

Enjoy free electricity & receive your grant

Flick on the kettle and start enjoying free, clean electricity. We'll be in touch to check that you're happy with every aspect of the service & run through the performance numbers with you.

As soon as your system is up and running we let the SEAI know so they can process your grant. Usually it takes them 4-6 weeks before the money is in your account.

Get a quote to see what going solar could save you. It's quick, easy, and free.

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