Zappi EV Car Charger

Electric Car (EV) Chargers Installed We can install your EV (electric vehicle) charger along with our PV solar panels, all fully integrated to get the best from both.

We offer EV chargers both as a stand-alone service and as an optional add-on with our solar panel installations. It's relatively straightforward and might add just a few hours to the overall installation time.

What does an Electric Car Charger cost?

Adding an EV charger will cost around €1,400 to €1,600. This includes both the equipment and installation.

There's a bit of variation there as it depends on a few factors (location, exact charger model you pick, if any adjustments are needs to your fuse board etc.) We'd give you an exact quote for your home before you have to decide, and it's rarely outside those limits.

EV Charger Grants

Yes. There is a €300 grant available from the SEAI, so that reduces then end cost to you to €1,100 to €1,300.

Do you offer EV chargers as a stand-alone service?

Yes. We install EV chargers, solar panels or both.

If you already have solar installed, we can normally set the charger we install to recognise the solar output so you can use the solar - EV charger connection features (more below on that). We say normally as perhaps one day we'll find an outlier case where it's not possible with a pre-existing solar panel installation, but so far it's always been possible.

If you'd like to discuss us installing an EV Charger for you please just get in touch.

Can you get a solar-powered EV charger?

Yes, kind of. They are two separate systems which you connect together.

You get solar panels and an EV charger installed. Then they can be connected together so the EV charger knows how much excess electricity you are generating and responds appropriately.

Charging your EV from solar only

Once the two systems are connected then EV charger can detect how much surplus electricity your panels are generating, then direct that into your car battery. So although they are two separate systems, they can be connected to work seemlessly together.

When put the EV charger into solar-only mode, the EV charger will adapt the charging rate so it only uses spare solar electricity. Generally it can vary the charging rate between about 1kW all the way up to 7kW to match your surplus power.

When there's no surplus - if your house suddenly starts using more or the sun sets - then the charger automatically pauses, and will start up again as soon as there is spare solar electricity again.

If you are not in a rush to charge, and want to make sure the power in your car is 100% green, this is a great feature to have. All car chargers also have a charge now mode too, where it will pull solar electricity if there's some spare, but otherwise pull electricity from thr grid for when you want to charge right away.

Connecting solar panels to your car charger is a great thing to do. Your EV is a great tool to soak up the excess electricity you are generating due to the large battery capacity EVs have. It's something we do ourselves here at PureVolt too.

Domestic solar panels Ireland

Are all car chargers compatible with solar panels?

Yes, but some integrate better than others

All chargers will work with solar panels. If your panels are generating spare electricity whilst you are charging your car, then that excess power will be going into your car battery no matter which charger you have.

With the standard car charger mode, the charger uses a fixed amount of power. If there's spare solar power, it will use that, but if the charger needs more than that, it will just pull from the grid to keep the car charging at the set pace.

Certain car chargers (like the Zappi and new Ohme EV chargers) also have a special solar-only mode, where the charger will vary the power / auto-pause to use only your spare solar electricity.

Do let us know if this feature is one you'd like, and we'll make sure the charger we recommend has it built in.

How many panels do I need to charge my EV?

We get asked this quite a bit, so we've built a simple calculator to help show you what solar panels can do to charge your EV.

Below you can pop in the number & power of your panels, select your car, and it'll give you the average number of kms of range per day you could get.

Calculator for charging your EV from Solar
Your Solar installation & EV:
Total solar array kWp:
EV Power Usage:
Daily kms of range that would give: assuming 100% of the electricity is used towards charging your EV

The three methods of charging your EV

How many solar panels you need to charge an electric vehicle here in Ireland depends on which method you pick.

Charging Plan Used: Energia "Smart Drive" plan

Sell excess solar power to the grid during the day for 24 cents / kWh, then buy back (from 2am - 6am) for 8.15 cents / kWh.

This is the the best plan we've found for those with both solar and an EV due to the longer than normal four-hour window at night to charge your car very cheaply. Effectively you use the grid as your storage. And even better - for everyone 1 unit you sell, you get almost 3 units back if you charge during that 2am - 6am slot.

You can of course just charge your EV directly from the panels, but as you can see you don't get the same range added without that benefit of getting back more units than you sold to the grid.

Maximum buy back is 28 kW per night

We've assumed a 7kW charging speed (which is standard for home car chargers). So, in the 4 hour window that's max 28 kWh of electricity you can buy back from the grid each night and put into your EV.

If you are buying back more than that 28 kWh per night, you'll be buying back at a higher rate. The advantage that the sell-and-buy-back scheme does reduce when you starting going over the 28 kWh per night.

Guide figures only

Please take this as a rough guide only. We've purposefully over-simplified this to make it more usable. Also this gives the average figures only - there can be significant variability day to day depending on the weather.

In reality, you'll always have days where you'll need to pull power from the grid to charge you EV, but the above should give you a good idea as to how much of a reduction in your electricity consumption solar can give.

Which brand(s) of car chargers do you install?

If you have no preference yourself, generally we would recommend either the Zappi or Ohme, and the prices above are based on that. Both are great, reliable car chargers and work very well with solar in particular (more about that below).

There are other brands, both cheaper and more expensive, and if you've another brand that you would prefer, that's no problem at all. We can install whichever make and model you would prefer.

Do you have Electric vehicles yourselves?

Yes - we very much believe in both EVs and solar for the benefit of the planet (and the great economics of them too). Ourselves, we have both solar panels and electric cars.

Which makes/models do you use?

For our site inspections, we have a Hyundai Kona electric car. We opted for the big battery version (64kWh, 450 km range) and find it ideal for Ireland. We have Zappi car chargers integrated with our own solar panels.

EV charger

Are all home chargers compatible with all electric cars?

Almost always yes.

Most EVs sold in Europe are fitted with a "Type-2" charging socket, which is the type home chargers would have as standard.

An EV  fitted with a Type-2 charging socket

If you are unsure though, please feel free to send us the year, make and model of your car (or just a photo of the charging ports) and we can double-check for you.

What do I need to think about first?


Car chargers are normally mounted on an outside wall. They vary in size a bit, but most are roughly a box that's 45 cm by 30 cm (varying by model). Obviously, you want it to be close to where you park your car (cables tend to be 5 m - 7 m depending on the charger, though please ask if a longer option might be required), but the electricity supply needs to be considered too.

The charger will need to be directly connected to your fuse board, so the most common is to mount on the outside of your house for electricity supply. Mounting to things like garden walls can be more difficult due to electricity supply directly to the fuse board, but never hesitate to ask, and we'll let you know what's possible.

Tethered or untethered

Tethered means it has a cable permanently attached to the charger. Untethered means there's no cable, and you use the cable that comes with your car.

Myself, I'd always recommend tethered. I've owned an EV since 2019, and have a tethered charger. It's just so easy and handy. I can just grab it when I walk past and plug it in 2 seconds.

Untethered is a tiny bit cheaper (€20 to €30). But I find using the cable that comes with the car a pain. It's always buried in the boot (as you rarely need it), and coiling it up afterwards to get it back in the case is a pain too.

Will my house's electrics be compatible with a car charger?

Almost always yes.

A standard electric car charger uses about 7 kW of power, which is about the same power consumption as an electric shower. Adjustments are not normally needed for your house or its electricity supply (though we will always check this for you before installing anything).

Fuse Board Checks

If your fuse board is particularly old/has issues, or your house is missing electricity safety items (like proper earthing) then they would need to be fixed. This is not normally a major job and is something we can do for you during installation. We will always check this and let you know if anything is needed.

Please note, this is not something specific to car charger installations. This is universal for electricians installing anything - be that car chargers, solar panels, or doing any other work. If, for example, the earthing is missing then any electrician would have to correct that before they can sign off any new work, and getting such safety items up to standard is no bad thing.

How fast can I charge an EV at home?

A home car charger normally puts out about 7 kW of power. That means:

Standard size battery - about 6 hours

Here we are calculating based on a standard-size battery in a new Nissan Leaf (40 kWh) or Hyundai Kona EV (39.3 kWh).

Larger size battery - about 9 hours

Here we are calculating based on the larger battery options in a new Nissan Leaf (62 kWh) or Hyundai Kona EV (64 kWh).

Please note - the last few percent is slow

If you've looked into EV charging times, you'll have seen countless stats of 10% to 80%, 5% to 80% and alike. The reason they quote up to about 80% is because charging tends to slow down above that as the battery approaches full.

Generally, electric cars will charge at the fastest speed possible, up to around 80%. After that, the car starts to slowly reduce the charging speed. This helps protect the battery from damage, and increase its lifespan. So, take the figures above with a pinch of salt for getting to exactly 100%, as that will depend on how much your car slows down the charge for those last few percent. Still, you should be very close to full in those times without a problem.

Can I not just use a standard plug socket to charge my electric car?

Yes, but it's slow

Yes, you can charge an EV from a normal 3-pin plug, and most EVs come with a special cable to do that (often referred to as the "granny cable").

The disadvantage here is that it's very slow, taking 3 - 4 times the time of a standard home electric car charger.

Standard 3-pin plug sockets will normally charge an EV at around 2.2 kW, which would mean:

Standard size battery - about 19 hours

Again, that's a new Nissan Leaf (40 kWh) or Hyundai Kona EV (39.3 kWh).

Larger size battery - about 30 hours

The larger battery versions of a new Nissan Leaf (62 kWh) or Hyundai Kona EV (64 kWh).

Understanding your car's charging ports

Let's start with your car. Almost all electric cars have two different charging ports:

1. The AC charging Port

This is the lower speed port. You'll use that when you plug into a normal plug socket, your home charger, or chargers you see in supermarket car parks/town centres etc.

Almost all cars sold in Europe use what's called a "Type-2" socket for this.

2. The DC charging Port

This is the super fast port. You'll normally only use that on motorway service stations where they have the super fast chargers.

Most cars here use a "Combined CCS" socket for this, but some (notably the Nissan Leaf) use a "CHAdeMO"

Your car has a maximum charging speed for each.

You can plug your car into a higher power charger, no problem, but your car will set its own top limit for the charging power it takes.

For example, our Hyundai Kona (2019) will take up to 7 kW in the AC port and 100 kW in the DC port. We can happily plug it into a 20 kW AC charger, but it will still only charge at 7kW.

The 4 types of EV charger

There are four main types of chargers you might use as an EV owner in Ireland.

Please note I've slightly over-simplified below. There are always exceptions to the rule with new EVs and chargers etc. but I hope for those new to electric cars this will be a very useful starting point.

1. The Granny Cable (AC)

This is an adapter that will plug into your normal household three-pin socket. Yes, you can charge your electric car from an normal plug socket. But it will be slow, taking around 19 hours for a full charge for our standard Nissan Leaf / Hyundai Kona.

Technical details:
  • ~2.2 kW
  • AC
  • ~15 hours for an 80% charge (New Nissan Leaf / Hyundai Kona with standard 40 kWh)
Standard Usage

It's something that we rarely use, perhaps only when on holiday in a rented house/B&B.

2. The Home Car Charger (AC)

Most people who buy an EV get a home charger installed because it is much quicker, as well as far more convenient, than using the granny cable.

Technical details:
  • ~7 kW
  • AC
  • ~5 hours for an 80% charge (New Nissan Leaf / Hyundai Kona with standard 40 kWh battery size)

Yes, you can get a 3-phase home car charger which will put out up to ~21 kW. But that would only work if your house has a 3-phase supply (which is very rare), and lots of cars will not charge on AC power at such rates anyhow.

Standard Usage

For most people, this is the vast majority of their charging. We would highly recommend a night rate meter. It's very easy to set so your car only charges overnight on cheap electricity, which makes it great value as well as better for the planet.

3. Public AC Chargers (the standard speed chargers)

These are the standard electric car chargers you see in places such as supermarket car parks and parking spaces in town centres.

In Ireland, most of them are provided by ESB (more about suppliers below). Generally, you need to bring your own cable with you to use them.

Technical details:
  • ~7 kW to 40 kW
  • AC
  • ~2 to ~5 hours for an 80% charge (New Nissan Leaf / Hyundai Kona with standard 40 kWh battery size)

Do note here that the max charging rate your car will take through its AC port (very likely a "Combo CCS" port) varies a lot between models. It doesn't matter if you plug it into a 20 kW charger if your car limits its max intake to 7 kW.

Standard Usage

We don't use them often, just really for the odd top-up when out and about. They are handy when in town/shopping as you can charge up at the same time. It's very rare we'd use one for a full charge though.

4. High-speed Public DC Chargers

You find these mostly at service stations on motorways and major roads. These are the super high speed chargers.

In Ireland there are two main networks - ESB (cheaper, normally 50 kW), and Ionity (more expensive, up to 350 kW).

Technical details:
  • ~50 kW to 350 kW
  • AC
  • ~35 to ~40 mins for an 80% charge (New Nissan Leaf / Hyundai Kona with standard 40kWh battery size)

Do note here that although there are 350 kW chargers available, most cars will limit their charging speed to 100 kW - 150 kW.

Standard Usage

We use these when travelling long distance. They are fast enough that by the time we've got a coffee and sandwich, and stretched the legs, there's plenty of charge in the car when it's time to go.

Side Note - Tesla Superchargers

Tesla has its own network of chargers, that they call Superchargers. These are DC chargers using the Combo CCS port which most EVs have.

Although technically most other car brands would work with Tesla Superchargers, Tesla do not currently allow non-tesla cars to use them.

There are moves from the EU to make all chargers available to all EVs. Some Tesla chargers in the EU now allow any make to use them, so this may change soon here in Ireland.

Using Apps and Accounts

To use public EV car chargers in Ireland, you will need to use an app to pay for your usage. Myself, I use a combination of two different apps.

1. ESB E-Cars Connect

I would recommend signing up for ESB E-Cars connect. ESB has the largest network of chargers in Ireland, including most of the standard speed chargers you find in town centres, car parks and alike.

They offer the best value, with rates varying from 34 to 46 cents/unit (depending on which price plan and charger speed you opt for).

Top Tip: Get the App and Card

They have a good app, which will show you live information on which chargers are available and if any are out of order and alike. You can also start and stop charging from the app - very handy.

I'd also recommend getting the card too - that's credit-card sized, and you can tap it on the side of any ESB charger to start and stop it. The app works 90% of the time from my experience, so great to have the card for the odd issue. Quick side note here - ESB E-Cars Connect are super helpful on the phone too. You can call them any time and they can turn the charger on for you remotely, a handy fallback just in case.

Most of their high-speed DC chargers max out at 50 kW (though some higher power ones are popping up now). That's the only chink in their armour in my experience, and why I sometimes use Ionity.

2. Ionity App

For the long journeys, I occasionally use Ionity as they have a good network of 100 kW+ chargers on the motorways - handy when I want to just have a quick stop then keep going.

They are much more expensive though at around 71 cents/unit, so really I only use them when I'm in a rush.

I'd recommend the app here. Yes, you can just pay by card at the charger, but I've found that temperamental at times. You can sign up for pay-as-you-go with their app, then just start and stop chargers within that. Their app also shows all the locations, live info on which chargers are currently available and alike.

Public charger fees and fines

You can use chargers for as long or short amount of time as you like. The charger logs how much power you've used, then you are charged for those units of electricity.

Please note though, you have a maximum time to unplug once your EV battery is full. Some charging networks will fine you for leaving a full car plugged in blocking a charger if you leave it there for too long!

Thankfully, most of the apps will tell you how full you car battery is, so you can easily keep an eye on it.

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Seamus MorrisseyJune 2023
Easy to deal with and had great advice, no hard sellTop class from beginning to end, John was easy to deal with and had great advice, no hard sell, roofers and electricians top class and Kelly sorted out the paperwork with great effeciency, highly recommend Purevolt.
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adrian barryJune 2023
PureVolt going the extra mile for my tricky roof!I had a complicated setup and the very quickly found me a good solution and made sure it was at the most competitive price it could be. The installation was done very well, neatly and with PureVolt going the extra mile for my tricky roof!! We've been producing 65% of our electricity from the roof since they installed it and are on track to exceed our savings. I highly recommend them.
Reviewed on Google
Raymond CarrickJune 2023
PUREVOLT is a great company to work with...PUREVOLT is a great company to work with from first contacting them. I found their website has great information and worth going through before you decide what system you want. Very happy with the price. They did everything, except I needed to set up information for SEAI about the grant which the customer must do themselves. Had panels installed less than 2 months after first contacting them and everything was installed in one day.
Reviewed on Google
Darren McJune 2023
...can't compliment them enoughEverything went perfect from the work that was done on roof so tidy and neat can’t see cable all secured perfectly, to the electricians Tadhg and Jessica I can’t compliment them enough there work is first class nice neat, on wall ran cable down along the stud work cleaned up after themselves,a world of information went through everything all questions answered great information and told we’re only a phone call away if any problems, and kelly with all information and forms filled ahead of time Esb forms sent in ,ran very smoothly cant praise the lads enough thanks Purvolt
Reviewed on Google
Daniel FitzgeraldJune 2023
Highly Recommend.Excellent service and personnel from start to finish. Highly recommend.
Reviewed on Google
Rob ByrneJune 2023
Great service... and total professionals!Can’t recommend PureVolt highly enough. Great service from start to finish and total professionals! Delighted with my new Solar install.
Reviewed on Google
Michael JamisonJune 2023
Would highly recommend them.Ian, Kelly and the team in pure volt were excellent from start to finish. Very professional company. Any questions I had they got back to me straight away. The work of installing the solar panel system is neat and tidy. would highly recommend them. I will definitely be back to them if I need to add anything else to the system.
Reviewed on Google
Karen HammondApril 2023
Excellent workmanship and neat installationPurevolt were excellent to deal with from the quote all the way through to the installation. Extremely professional, excellent workmanship and neat installation. Purevolt completed all the paperwork for grants as soon as the installation was complete. Highly recommend them!
Reviewed on Google
Manish KheterpalApril 2023
Professional from start to finishGood planning and professional from start to finish.
Reviewed on Google
Ken CooganApril 2023
Professional InstallPleasure to deal with and professional install.
Reviewed on Google
Mathies Eduard RasmussenApril 2023
...installed just the way we wanted itWe had our solar & battery system installed by PureVolt in April 2023. Very short lead in time of just 13 days from booking to install for us. They were able to accomodate all of our requests, and everything was installed just the way we wanted it.
Reviewed on Google
Bryan ScullyApril 2023
We are delighted we proceeded with PureVoltCould not speak more highly for PureVolt . From start to finish, it was excellent and stress free. Very competitively priced and provided good, honest advice without trying to sell anything which wasn't needed. The PV system was installed on time and tidy by a very professional team to which they answered any queries we had regarding the installation. The PV panels themselves are performing brilliantly so far. We are delighted we proceeded with PureVolt and would highly recommend them.
Reviewed on Google
John KilroyApril 2023
...delighted with the resultsDelighted with service from beginning to end in dealing with Purevolt solar. They were very competitively priced, had an incredibly fast turnaround time and fitted top quality equipment. I found John very straight talking and honest in his appraisal of the systems and options available - he is an electrician by trade and has worked in solar for years - he is not a salesman just interested in maximising sales and felt he was genuinely interested in providing the best system to suit our needs. The standard of work carried out by the installers was excellent and the electrician Daniel has a real pride in his work and helped me understand the system and the apps to monitor/ control. We now have solar panels installed and are delighted with the results whereby we can monitor our live solar generation and adjust our usage accordingly and heat our water (using my eddi) and sell the excess electricity back to the grid. As well as going green we are seeing a significant drop in our electricity bills so its a Win Win!
Reviewed on Google
Adrian InsleyMarch 2023
Great serviceGreat service. Great support from all PureVolt staff. Would highly recommended this company.
Reviewed on Google
Stefan BinkFebruary 2023
A pleasure to deal withOnce I decided to go with solar panels- the competence, professionalism and delivery of project was top class. The technician that put panels on roof, and the electrical technician that put in the battery and electric press and connected all to house fuse box, were very knowledgeable, experienced and a pleasure to deal with. From the initial contact with the Project Manager to the final installation- the full journey was well explained and I was confident and assured that the installation was delivered to the highest standard.
Reviewed on Google
Martha SFebruary 2023 grateful to have found PurevoltMy husband and I can't provide enough superlative praise to John and his team. We had a system of ten photovoltaic panels installed on our roof this past autumn and found the entire experience a very positive one, from Kelly overseeing logistics from the office to our installation team, who didn't leave until they were certain that all of our questions had been answered. We thought long and hard about the initial expense of installing such a system, but we have absolutely no regrets and have found the panels to be producing at a level in excess of our expectations. To do something good for the environment and our grandchildren, as well as something that has already begun to reap financial benefits is a win win. We are so grateful to have found Purevolt.
Reviewed on Google
John HudsonJanuary 2023
I'm delighted with PureVoltOnce you have managed to make contact and get a quote (which, as with other solar installers, can take some time) the installation and service from PureVolt was excellent. Very competitively priced and gave good, honest advice without trying to sell anything which I didn't need. The solar panels were installed on time by very professional and friendly roofers and electrician who answered any questions regarding the installation. Following the installation SEAI inspected the works and found nothing to be concerned about. PureVolt's John Egan attended the inspection to in order that he could rectify any problems should they arise. For the first couple of days after the installation I had some minor issues with the inverter app which PureVolt resolved by liaising with the inverter manufacturer. I'm delighted with PureVolt and I highly recommend them.
Reviewed on Google
Tim HynesNovember 2022
Highly recommendOnce I decided to go with solar panels- the competence, professionalism and delivery of project was top class. The technician that put panels on roof, and the electrical technician that put in the battery and electric press and connected all to house fuse box, were very knowledgeable, experienced and a pleasure to deal with. From the initial contact with the Project Manager to the final installation- the full journey was well explained and I was confident and assured that the installation was delivered to the highest standard.
Reviewed on Google
Alan DeacyNovember 2022
Extremely happy with the serviceEnquired about a new PV system. John phoned me back shortly after my enquiry and went into great detail about the different systems and tailored one that would suit my needs. I received a very competitive price. Extremely happy with the service this company provided. Very professional and knowledgeable in the solar industry.
Reviewed on Google
Aidan BerginNovember 2022
Would highly recommend this companyWould highly recommend this company for your solar installation, efficient, tidy and the lads keep you well informed as the installation proceeds.
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