Solar panels on an industrial property Ireland

Real numbers from real customers

See how much electricity is being generated right now for these past customers. These case studies show real data in real time from real customers.

Live solar electricity generation data

Not just predictions, but live solar electricity generation data from our past solar installations. That's what this section of our website is designed to offer. Real-world solar generation data, fed directly from the inverters. We hope that this page helps you to understand exactly how much electricity real customers are getting from the solar panels they buy. If you have any questions, please just ask.

Domestic Solar PV Installations

Click on a case study below to find out how much electricity that PV system is producing right now. Please note this is a new section, and we'll be adding many more case studies soon, so please do check back.

What's this all about, then?

Our #1 goal is to get more solar panels on more roofs here in Ireland. Whether it's us or someone else who installs them for you is secondary. One way we are trying to achieve this goal is by sharing as much information about solar as we possibly can, so you have all the information you could wish for to help you decide if solar is right for you.

Here we are sharing the details of some past installations we have done - exactly what was installed, and live production data too. That last bit is the part we are most keen to share - now you can see how real solar panel installations are performing here in Ireland, the effect of cloudy days and more.

We're looking for more case studies Would you be willing to share your own production data as a case study?

That would be wonderful, thank you. The more honest and transparent data about solar that we can share, the better for the world.

If you are a past client, and are happy for us to use your production data as a case study like this, please just get in touch and we'll make that happen. There's no work for you - we can set up direct feeds of production information from the solar inverter directly.

If you are happy for us to use a few photos of the panels / inverter then all the better too, but the main thing is just sharing the production data. We would not add anything that would make you or your property identifiable unless you are happy to share extra information like that. Thank you.

Solar Calculators for you to play with

Fancy playing with the numbers yourself? Wondering what difference it makes if you fast your panels West/ East vs South? Or how many panels you need to charge an EV? Our solar calculators are for you.

Simple enough to be usable, but with enough detail to produce useful numbers. They all come pre-populated with standard numbers for PV Solar installations here in Ireland, and you can adjust everything from your roof angle to electricity tariffs to customise the results to your own property too.

Solar Generation Calculator

The big one. Pop in the number of panels you'd like, and it'll tell you everything from the space it would take on your roof to annual bill savings. Solar Generation Calculator

Solar Battery Calculator

How much might a battery save me based on my electricity rates? Will I have made my money back within the warranty period? Solar Battery Calculator

EV Charging from Solar Calculator

Pick your EV, and how many panels you are considering, and it'll tell you the kms of range you could get from solar, for every month of the year individually. EV Charging from Solar Calculator

Roof angle and orientation calculator

Ever wondered what effect the roof angle and orientation have? Here's a super-simple calculator to help. Roof angle and orientation calculator

Business / Commercial Solar calculator

Larger systems, and different Grant rules. If you are looking at solar for your business, school, farm, or other non-residential building, this one is for you. Business / commercial solar calculator

SEAI grant calculator

SEAI solar grants for residential, businesses (inc farms), commercial solar, schools, public sector bodies, community centres, and other buildings. SEAI grant calculator

Solar Power for your home

Let PureVolt help you with your own solar journey. Saving money and saving the planet, together.

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