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We want to make it easy for people to switch to solar. Use our free resources to demystify solar panels, find out how to get them, and decide whether they're right for you at all.

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Section 1 Deciding whether to go solar

For most families, choosing whether to go solar is a big decision. Here at PureVolt Solar, we actually don't think solar panels are the best solution for every household, financially or ecologically. That's why we've put together these resources to help you decide whether solar is the right option for you. Already decided to make the switch? Click here to request a quote...

The whole process explained. See every step in the journey from here to receiving your grant and making your first zero-carbon cup of tea.

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Section 2 Your solar equipment and technology

There is a lot more to solar than just the big black panels on your roof. Fortunately, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand it all. We've put together this handy series of articles explaining all the equipment that might come with your solar PV system.

Young boy making a DIY solar panel in Ireland

Our Eco Stories

The journey to net-zero is precisely that... a journey. Like everyone else, we're attempting to get closer to that goal just one step at a time. Here are some of the personal stories and events taken from our own eco journey.

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About us

A small company with a big mission. We want to see solar panels on every roof on Ireland. To find out why, read our story here.

The installation process

It doesn't have to be complicated. In our full solar installation guide, we explain the whole process from start to finish, all in plain English.

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Every house really is unique, so we prepare a unique solar design and quote for each house. But don't worry, getting a quote for solar PV is quick, easy and 100% free. Just start here...


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Got questions? You've come to the right place. Just get in touch and we will be happy to answer all your solar PV questions any time.

Deep Dive Other solar resources

Looking to learn about solar in depth? You've come to the right place. Here you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about solar energy, solar PV equipment and everything that goes with it. Buckle up!

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