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Meet PureVolt Solar

We're an independent Irish solar panel installer with bases in Cork and Galway. Solar is in our DNA, and we're on a mission to see solar panels installed on every roof in Ireland. That way, we can all save money and look after this little planet we all call home.

Solar panel installations with a difference

Low-cost, low-carbon lifestyles are available and affordable to many homeowners in Ireland. But unless you're an expert, it's hard to know exactly what you get when you switch to solar. Do the numbers really add up? Is there a smarter investment out there? Or perhaps there's a better way to reduce your carbon footprint? That's why we created PureVolt Solar.

When we first planned this company, we agreed that there was a need for crystal-clear information about solar installations. Our passion for seeing Ireland go green, was shared with a common belief that a solar company will always do well if it is 100% open, honest and transparent, even if that means some customers decide against solar or choose to go elsewhere.

Our installation team is made up of a collection of highly-skilled and committed personnel, including Daniel Aston (Electrician), Gary Hanley (Carpenter and Roofer), Luke Daunt-Smyth (Electrical Apprentice), Jessica Fry (Electrical Apprentice) Paul Kinsella (Solar Panel Installer) and Tadhg Mulcahy (Electrician).

Our team behind the scenes ensures that customers receive the best information and service possible, we have a team of dedicated professionals, including Ian Murphy (Chief Solar Engineer), Kelly Preston (Head of Customer Service) and Eileen Weadick (Internal Operations Manager). Ian brings experience in designing and implementing high-quality solar panel systems, Kelly ensures that customers have a positive and seamless experience throughout their installation process, while Eileen ensures the smooth running of the internal components that form PureVolt Solar.

So, there's no sales team. We don't believe in the hard-sell. Instead, we trust that giving the best information in the clearest terms will make us the best option out there. That's what makes us PureVolt Solar.

We are currently recruiting. If you'd like to become part of the PureVolt Solar team, take a look at our current openings.

What we want

We want to see Ireland's homes and businesses switch to renewable energy sources. If that's with us, even better. We're long-term believers, not short-term speculators.

Our plan to get it

We exist to make it easier for people to make the switch to solar. We do this by giving crystal-clear, honest information and offering the level of service that we would expect ourselves. That's it.

What's in it for us?

We want to see our business thrive and grow. But for us, it's about more than just that. Our ultimate goal is to help more people switch to solar so we can all live in a greener Ireland. That's why PureVolt Solar exists, and that's why we get up in the morning.

Why choose PureVolt Solar?

Straight talking

We give you the naked facts in plain English so you can make your own decisions. Ask us anything.

No sales team

No pushy sales tactics. Our aim is to help you go solar, not spend lots of money.

Solar specialists

We don't dabble. Installing solar panels is what we do and we're very good at it.

Sensible pricing

We're not the cheapest. Our prices reflect the best value and great service. No compromises on quality.

We believe

We want a greener, cleaner Ireland with as much solar on roofs as possible. We lead by example.

Quick turnaround

From your initial enquiry to installation and beyond, we won't leave you waiting.

Meet the installation team

Daniel Aston, Electrician

Daniel Aston Electrician

Daniel is an electrician with a strong passion for renewable energy, particularly solar power. He works closely with the rest of the team at PureVolt Solar to install and commission PV systems, ensuring that everything from the inverter to batteries and accessories is all working in perfect harmony. In 2014, while working as a service engineer for CHP gas engines, he developed an interest in the field of electricity. He pursued his curiosity and trained as an electrician. He was introduced to the world of solar technology, where he discovered his passion, and has been working ever since. Daniel loves to keep on top of the advancements in the sector, and is grateful to be a part of the growing trend towards clean, green energy solutions.

Gary Hanley, Carpenter and Roofer

Gary Hanley Carpenter and Roofer

Gary is a qualified carpenter and roofer with a passion for renewable energy. He attended Sligo IT and began his apprenticeship in 2008. After becoming qualified in 2012, Gary took his carpentry skills abroad to work in both Canada and Australia. Now with Purevolt Solar, Gary specialises in installing and connecting solar panels. His interest in solar energy was first sparked during his time abroad, and he is thrilled to be a part of a team that is making a positive impact on the environment.

Luke Daunt-Smyth, Electrical Apprentice

Luke Daunt-Smyth Electrical Apprentice

Luke is an electrical apprentice at PureVolt Solar. He had a career change after Covid-19 related events led him to discover his passion for construction, and in turn, the world of solar. With a background in Accounting and Finance, he found being an electrician a perfect fit for his skills, and for his passion. He is proud to be a part of the PureVolt Solar team, where he can learn his trade, while also contributing to a greener planet. Luke enjoys working towards a common goal with like-minded individuals, and helping steer Ireland towards its solar revolution!

Jessica Fry, Electrical Apprentice

Jessica Fry Electrical Apprentice

Jessica is an electrical apprentice here at PureVolt Solar. Her interest in solar and renewable energy was piqued by a US-based company that was constructing off-grid buildings. During her time working for the company, she was amazed by the fact that they could use solar energy to run a construction site, without having noisy generators or other non-renewable energy sources running in the background. Since then, the clean and infinite autonomy of solar energy has continued to inspire the work she does today.

Paul Kinsella, Solar Panel Installer

Paul Kinsella Solar Panel Installer

Paul is a solar panel installer at PureVolt Solar. He has a rich history in the world of carpentry, studying it in college and working in the field for 15 years. Paul's passion for renewable energy has always been a driving force in his approach to work. He strongly believes that this solar energy is a climate game-changer, and is devoted to contributing towards its growth. Being a part of this industry brings him immense satisfaction and a sense of purpose that continues to motivate him day after day.

Tadhg Mulcahy, electrician

Tadhg Mulcahy Electrician

Tadhg is an electrician with Purevolt Solar. He has a decade's worth of electrical experience across industrial, commercial, and domestic sites. He joined Purevolt Solar at the start of 2023 and has since found a strong passion for the work we do. Tadhg shares PureVolt Solar's love of renewable energy and is committed to providing high-quality service and contributing to a sustainable future for the planet. His work is more than just a job; it's a way to leave a positive impact on the world.

Meet the team behind the scenes

Ian Murphy, Chief Solar Engineer

Ian Murphy Chief Solar Engineer

As our Chief Solar Engineer, Ian is responsible for ensuring the seamless execution of solar panel installations for our customers. Ian is dedicated to providing innovative, customised solar energy solutions that help you achieve your sustainability goals while reducing energy costs. He works closely with his team to design and implement high-quality and highly efficient solar panel systems. When you first call PureVolt Solar, it's quite likely that you'll be speaking to Ian. You can expect any answer he gives to be open, honest and transparent. That's what makes us PureVolt Solar.

Kelly Preston, Head of Customer Service

Kelly Preston Head of Customer Service

With a decade of experience in customer service management, Kelly brings a unique approach to ensuring that you receive the highest quality service and support. Kelly and the install team are dedicated to providing personalised support and guidance throughout your solar panel installation journey. At PureVolt Solar, Kelly is an integral part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your satisfaction, every step of the way.

 Eileen Weadick, Internal Operations Manager

Eileen Weadick Internal Operations Manager

Eileen oversees the finance, HR, marketing, and procurement side of things here at PureVolt Solar. She aims to ensure both customer satisfaction and seamless internal processes. Although her background is in experimental physics, Eileen's true passion is centred around business, entrepreneurship, and social enterprises. Striving to create a positive impact on the planet while working with PureVolt Solar is what continues to motivate her day after day.

Phil Teare, founder

Phil Teare Founder

Despite his background in science and engineering, it was in business that Phil found his passion. He always believed that successful businesses are built on sustainability. And, as the science of climate change became clearer over recent years, he came to see that sustainability was just as important in other areas of his life. While switching to an electric car and solar PV electricity, he saw the appeal of a company which offers clear information in an open, honest and transparent way. That's when PureVolt Solar was born.

Karen HammondApril 2023
Excellent workmanship and neat installationPurevolt were excellent to deal with from the quote all the way through to the installation. Extremely professional, excellent workmanship and neat installation. Purevolt completed all the paperwork for grants as soon as the installation was complete. Highly recommend them!
Reviewed on Google
Manish KheterpalApril 2023
Professional from start to finishGood planning and professional from start to finish.
Reviewed on Google
Ken CooganApril 2023
Professional InstallPleasure to deal with and professional install.
Reviewed on Google
Mathies Eduard RasmussenApril 2023
...installed just the way we wanted itWe had our solar & battery system installed by PureVolt in April 2023. Very short lead in time of just 13 days from booking to install for us. They were able to accomodate all of our requests, and everything was installed just the way we wanted it.
Reviewed on Google
Bryan ScullyApril 2023
We are delighted we proceeded with PureVoltCould not speak more highly for PureVolt . From start to finish, it was excellent and stress free. Very competitively priced and provided good, honest advice without trying to sell anything which wasn't needed. The PV system was installed on time and tidy by a very professional team to which they answered any queries we had regarding the installation. The PV panels themselves are performing brilliantly so far. We are delighted we proceeded with PureVolt and would highly recommend them.
Reviewed on Google
John KilroyApril 2023
...delighted with the resultsDelighted with service from beginning to end in dealing with Purevolt solar. They were very competitively priced, had an incredibly fast turnaround time and fitted top quality equipment. I found John very straight talking and honest in his appraisal of the systems and options available - he is an electrician by trade and has worked in solar for years - he is not a salesman just interested in maximising sales and felt he was genuinely interested in providing the best system to suit our needs. The standard of work carried out by the installers was excellent and the electrician Daniel has a real pride in his work and helped me understand the system and the apps to monitor/ control. We now have solar panels installed and are delighted with the results whereby we can monitor our live solar generation and adjust our usage accordingly and heat our water (using my eddi) and sell the excess electricity back to the grid. As well as going green we are seeing a significant drop in our electricity bills so its a Win Win!
Reviewed on Google
Adrian InsleyMarch 2023
Great serviceGreat service. Great support from all PureVolt staff. Would highly recommended this company.
Reviewed on Google
Stefan BinkFebruary 2023
A pleasure to deal withOnce I decided to go with solar panels- the competence, professionalism and delivery of project was top class. The technician that put panels on roof, and the electrical technician that put in the battery and electric press and connected all to house fuse box, were very knowledgeable, experienced and a pleasure to deal with. From the initial contact with the Project Manager to the final installation- the full journey was well explained and I was confident and assured that the installation was delivered to the highest standard.
Reviewed on Google
Martha SFebruary 2023
...so grateful to have found PurevoltMy husband and I can't provide enough superlative praise to John and his team. We had a system of ten photovoltaic panels installed on our roof this past autumn and found the entire experience a very positive one, from Kelly overseeing logistics from the office to our installation team, who didn't leave until they were certain that all of our questions had been answered. We thought long and hard about the initial expense of installing such a system, but we have absolutely no regrets and have found the panels to be producing at a level in excess of our expectations. To do something good for the environment and our grandchildren, as well as something that has already begun to reap financial benefits is a win win. We are so grateful to have found Purevolt.
Reviewed on Google
John HudsonJanuary 2023
I'm delighted with PureVoltOnce you have managed to make contact and get a quote (which, as with other solar installers, can take some time) the installation and service from PureVolt was excellent. Very competitively priced and gave good, honest advice without trying to sell anything which I didn't need. The solar panels were installed on time by very professional and friendly roofers and electrician who answered any questions regarding the installation. Following the installation SEAI inspected the works and found nothing to be concerned about. PureVolt's John Egan attended the inspection to in order that he could rectify any problems should they arise. For the first couple of days after the installation I had some minor issues with the inverter app which PureVolt resolved by liaising with the inverter manufacturer. I'm delighted with PureVolt and I highly recommend them.
Reviewed on Google
Tim HynesNovember 2022
Highly recommendOnce I decided to go with solar panels- the competence, professionalism and delivery of project was top class. The technician that put panels on roof, and the electrical technician that put in the battery and electric press and connected all to house fuse box, were very knowledgeable, experienced and a pleasure to deal with. From the initial contact with the Project Manager to the final installation- the full journey was well explained and I was confident and assured that the installation was delivered to the highest standard.
Reviewed on Google
Alan DeacyNovember 2022
Extremely happy with the serviceEnquired about a new PV system. John phoned me back shortly after my enquiry and went into great detail about the different systems and tailored one that would suit my needs. I received a very competitive price. Extremely happy with the service this company provided. Very professional and knowledgeable in the solar industry.
Reviewed on Google
Aidan BerginNovember 2022
Would highly recommend this companyWould highly recommend this company for your solar installation, efficient, tidy and the lads keep you well informed as the installation proceeds.
Reviewed on Google

What you can expect from us

SEAI registered company

By buying and installing your solar panels with us, you will be eligible to apply for the SEAI Solar Electricity Grant. This provides up to €2,400 toward the cost of your solar PV installation.

Full design & build solution

There is a lot more to solar than just fixing some PV panels to your roof. We use specialist solar design software to get exactly the right solution for you and your home.

Experienced registered installers

Your solar journey should be as smooth as possible. That's why we only work with SEAI registered solar panel installers. We don't have a sales team. Everyone who works for us is an experienced engineer who can speak to you in plain English.

Support & warranties

When it comes to solar, there should be no repeat customers. That's because, when we install your system, it should last for a generation. Our solar panels come with a 15-year product warranty as standard. Other parts and labour are also guaranteed. This is a long-term investment and, if you need help, we're here for the long-haul.

Fully insured

The safety and security of your home is very important to us. That's why we carry a minimum of €5 million of Public and Product Liability Insurance, as well as €500,000 of Professional Indemnity Insurance and €13.5 million of Employer's Liability Insurance.

Fanatical about customer service

Switching to solar electricity should make you feel good. With PureVolt Solar, you will be dealing with the same person from start to finish – and it's their job to make that happen. You should expect exceptional customer service before, during and after your installation. No exceptions.

No hidden costs

With our straightforward pricing, you will always know exactly what you're spending and exactly what you're getting. No hidden costs, no unpleasant surprises.

No suit, no briefcase

If you're looking for a flashy sales rep, we can't help you sorry. With PureVolt Solar, you'll be dealing with skilled engineers who believe in solar and who can answer your questions in plain English.

Open, honest and transparent

If your home isn't suitable for solar or battery storage, we'll say so. If we mess something up, we'll hold our hands up straight away and put things right. No matter the situation, you can expect us to be 100% upfront and honest. It's written into our core values.

Technical excellence

We're a small team of self-confessed tech nerds, and we only work with the best technologies available. That goes for their value and their performance. In a fast-changing industry, we want you to have peace of mind that you're getting the very best products available. They're the only products we offer.

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Our Locations across Ireland

We have our main bases in Galway, Cork, and now Dublin too.

What provinces do we cover?

PureVolt Solar installs and maintains solar panels across Munster, Leinster, and Connacht.

What counties do we currently cover?

We cover the following counties in the Republic of Ireland:

  • Clare
  • Dublin
  • Galway
  • Kildare
  • Laois
  • Limerick
  • Longford (South)
  • Meath
  • Offaly
  • Roscommon (South)
  • Westmeath
  • Wexford
  • Wicklow

We do not currently offer our solar installer services in Northern Ireland

What counties will we cover in the future?

Although we are not currently taking on any new clients in the following counties, we aim to install nation-wide. Please do check back again in the future, as we hope to expand our service areas soon.

  • Cork
  • Carlow
  • Cavan
  • Donegal
  • Kerry
  • Kilkenny
  • Leitrim
  • Louth
  • Mayo
  • Monaghan
  • Sligo
  • Tipperary
  • Waterford

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