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The future is green

By adding solar panels to our roofs, we can each reduce our carbon footprint by 40% or more. The technology is available and it's affordable. In fact, government grants now cover up to €2,100 of the cost. It's a no-brainer.

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Cards on the table...

68% of Ireland's electricity still comes from fossil fuels. But if we all reduce our energy consumption and generate power by other means, we can end our reliance on carbon for good. That's why PureVolt Solar exists. We want Ireland to go solar. If you get a quote from us but choose to get solar panels installed by someone else, we'll still take it as a win. Solar is in our DNA.

About us

Get a quote to see what going solar could save you. It's quick, easy, and free.

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A home that runs on sunshine

Clean energy

Generate your own clean electricity from renewable resources.

Battery storage

Store the energy you don't need and use it later when it's dark.

Hot water

An alternative to battery storage: convert surplus electricity to hot water.

Energy security

Ensure yourself against future price rises by going energy independent.

Reduce your bills

By investing in solar, you can slash your energy bills by up to 50% overnight.

Integrated system

Integrate your solar PV system with other eco-solutions like your EV charger.

Lead the way

Enjoy peace of mind that you have done your bit to protect the planet we love.

Go even further

Reduce your bills and your carbon footprint even further with our energy saving tips.

Solar panels on house in Ireland overlooking the sea

Financial support

Solar grants

Install solar panels on your roof and get up to €2,100 from the government to help cover the cost. Note: grant reductions are on route for 2024 (by up to €300). Apply before 31st Dec 2023 to get the higher grant amounts.

About solar grants
Solar panel installers in driveway Ireland

See the numbers

Save money, save the planet

Whatever your reasons for switching to solar, the financial case has to stack up. Here we share real numbers of solar PV quotes - prices, returns & eco benefits - so you can see whether the numbers add up for you.

See the numbers

What we want

We want to see Ireland's homes and businesses switch to renewable energy sources. If that's with us, even better. We're long-term believers, not short-term speculators.

Our plan to get it

We exist to make it easier for people to make the switch to solar. We do this by giving crystal-clear, honest information and offering the level of service that we would expect ourselves. That's it.

What's in it for us?

We want to see our business thrive and grow. But for us, it's about more than just that. Our ultimate goal is to help more people switch to solar so we can all live in a greener Ireland. That's why PureVolt Solar exists, and that's why we get up in the morning. More about us...

Why choose PureVolt Solar?

Straight talking

We give you the naked facts in plain English so you can make your own decisions. Ask us anything.

No sales team

You'll speak to engineers, not salespeople. We aim to give you the best information about solar, that's all.

Solar specialists

We don't dabble. Installing solar panels is what we do, and we're very good at it.

Sensible pricing

We're not the cheapest. Our prices reflect the best value and great service. No compromises on quality.

We believe

We want a greener, cleaner Ireland with as much solar on roofs as possible. We lead by example.

Quick turnaround

From your initial enquiry to installation and beyond, we won't leave you waiting.

Solar panels on roof

Solar works. Electricity from rooftop solar contributes 92% less greenhouse gases than Europe's electricity mix.

How does it work?

First Ballpark Quote

We can provide a first ballpark quote using little more than your Eircode and a few bits of information from you. We look up your house on google maps to give you an idea what might be possible for solar on your house. This includes costs, electricity production forecasts, grant values and payback period. It's free, and you can get the ball rolling with this quick and easy form.

Site Survey

If you are happy with the guide quote, then one of our engineers will visit your property. They will discuss everything with you in detail, and will inspect everything from your roof to electrics to any shading to make sure we can design the best system for you and your needs.

Design Proposal & Finalised Quote

Once we've visited your property, we will send you a full system design proposal along with a finalised quote. Your solar engineer will follow up to go through everything with you and answer any questions you may have. Again this is entirely free.

SEAI Grant Application & informing ESB Networks

As an approved SEAI registered solar installer, your installation will likely be applicable for the SEAI grant (up to €2,100). Once you've picked your final solar design then it's time to fill in the SEAI grant application form, and we'll guide you through the whole process. ESB Networks also need to be informed of all solar PV installations, but don't worry, we'll take care of that for you.


The day has come. Our installation team will attend and install your solar PV equipment on the roof. Then our electricians will install the electrical equipment inside your house. It normally takes 1-2 days altogether.

System goes live

Flick on the kettle and start enjoying free electricity. Of course, we'll be in touch to check that you're happy with every aspect of the service.

What you can expect from us

SEAI registered company

By buying and installing your solar panels with us, you will be eligible to apply for the SEAI Solar Electricity Grant. This provides up to €2,100 toward the cost of your solar PV installation.

Full design & build solution

There is a lot more to solar than just fixing some PV panels to your roof. We use specialist solar design software to get exactly the right solution for you and your home.

Experienced registered installers

Your solar journey should be as smooth as possible. That's why we only work with SEAI registered solar panel installers. We don't have a sales team. Everyone who works for us is an experienced engineer who can speak to you in plain English.

Support & warranties

When it comes to solar, there should be no repeat customers. That's because, when we install your system, it should last for a generation. Our solar panels come with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty is standard. Other parts and labour are also guaranteed. This is a long-term investment and, if you need help, we're here for the long-haul.

Fully insured

The safety and security of your home is very important to us. That's why we carry a minimum of €5 million of Public and Product Liability Insurance, as well as €500,000 of Professional Indemnity Insurance and €13.5 million of Employer's Liability Insurance.

Fanatical about customer service

Switching to solar electricity should make you feel good. With PureVolt Solar, you will be dealing with the same person from start to finish – and it's their job to make that happen. You should expect exceptional customer service before, during and after your installation. No exceptions.

No hidden costs

With our straightforward pricing, you will always know exactly what you're spending and exactly what you're getting. No hidden costs, no unpleasant surprises.

No suit, no briefcase

If you're looking for a flashy sales rep, we can't help you sorry. With PureVolt Solar, you'll be dealing with skilled engineers who believe in solar and who can answer your questions in plain English.

Open, honest and transparent

If your home isn't suitable for solar or battery storage, we'll say so. If we mess something up, we'll hold our hands up straight away and put things right. No matter the situation, you can expect us to be 100% upfront and honest. It's written into our core values.

Technical excellence

We're a small team of self-confessed tech nerds, and we only work with the best technologies available. That goes for their value and their performance. In a fast-changing industry, we want you to have peace of mind that you're getting the very best products available. They're the only products we offer.

Is Ireland sunny enough for solar panels?

Yes. Solar panels work whenever there is daylight and will still work on rainy or overcast days in Ireland. On those days, your panels won't function at their maximum capacity so you will generate less electricity than you might do in a sunnier climate. Even so, a well-placed home with 20m2 of solar panels could expect to generate around 3,600kWh of electricity per year. That's around 50% of a typical home's annual consumption.

What happens to any excess power which I don't use?

Unused electricity can be stored in a battery and consumed later. If there is no battery or if it is already full, then any excess energy will be returned to the grid. From summer 2022, homeowners will be paid for the contributions they make to the grid.

Do I need planning permission?

The installation of solar panels on domestic properties is exempt from planning permission. Since the 7th of October 2022, there is no longer a limit to the area of solar panels which can be installed on rooftops of homes, anywhere in the country. Solar installations will be able to cover the entire roof of a house. The 12m2 or 50% roof limit which previously applied to houses has been removed nationwide.

More about planning permission for solar panels in Ireland.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels are robust and require little maintenance. They usually last around 20-30 years. After that time, they won't stop working but their efficiency is likely to drop off significantly.

Are any grants available to reduce the installation costs?

Yes. As an SEAI registered company, we can help you to claim a government grant of up to €2,100 toward the cost of your solar PV installation. Just ask and we'll be happy to guide you through the whole process.

What if I move house?

If you move house after installing solar panels, you now have added selling point and improved the BER rating, increasing the sale value of your home. The SEAI solar PV grant is tied to the property, so you can get the grant again for your new home.

How much does it cost?

The price of a solar PV installation varies a lot depending on many different factors. But, as a rough guide, the total price for a typical domestic system starts around €6,000, minus the SEAI grant.

Are solar panels right for me?

Honest answer: we don't know until we talk to you. But it's a core part of our values that we always tell people upfront if we don't think solar will be a cost-effective energy solution for their home. If you won't be better off with solar, it's our job to tell you why and then leave you in peace.